The Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI): A focal point for the humanities at Emory University.

The original Planning Committee envisioned the FCHI as an interdisciplinary institute providing “a focal point for humanities endeavors within the University,” which would work to advance “research and teaching in the humanities broadly defined and also others in the University who are interested in humanistic issues; outreach to faculty and students in the Social Sciences, the Sciences, and the Professional Schools at Emory is part of the FCHI’s work. The FCHI is dedicated to providing occasions and spaces for encouraging intellectual community and scholarship across disciplines.

Interdisciplinary in the best sense of the word, the FCHI serves all those at Emory University and beyond who are interested in the compelling critical, spiritual, aesthetic, moral, and intellectual questions which the humanities address. Outreach to scholars in the Social Sciences, the Sciences, and the Professional Schools at Emory, as well as to the general public, is a vital part of the FCHI’s work.

General Information
The FCHI promotes scholarship within and among such areas as history, languages and literatures, the arts, religion, and philosophy. The FCHI leads in advanced research in the humanities across Emory, with 3 annual Fellows Programs. The FCHI coordinates Emory’s humanities programs within the College, across the campus, and for a wider public audience. The FCHI is rapidly achieving a national profile for its achievements in promoting and supporting the humanities.

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